martes, 6 de noviembre de 2007


My dream Vacation

My dream vacation is to go to New York (called the "Big Apple")
in the EEUU, I Would like to travel there this year in December, I would like to visit Empire Estate Building, Ellis Island ,Broadway theatre productions, museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art Central Park, Washington
Square Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden... I have a lot of place to know, I´m crazy to visit the Big Apple.

martes, 2 de octubre de 2007

Time for Change

My apartment is bright, and confortable, however is a dangerous neighborhood, it is a modern apartment with spacious bedroom but the bathrooms are small.

Caught in the rush

Dear. Mr Gian Carlos Di Martino.

I need to say you that the street in my neighborhood is better and i esteem that, however the public transportation are so old, and too dangerous we need modern buses, cars and safety.

PD: I hope action about this problem.

Thank You

Daniela Hernandez


jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2007


I made a interview to my grandmother, her name is Zenaida, she has 63 years old.

Where do you grow up?

-I grew up in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Where do you go to elementary shool?

-I went to elementary school in Germany school.

Tell me, in your childhood did you use to have a hobby?

-yes i used to read a lot.

What do you remember about your childhood?

-I rememberd that i used to clean my house each monday.


Hi, my name is Daniela but everybody calls me Dani, I’m from Maracaibo, I live in Bella Vista, im 19 years old, I study mass comunication, I love listen music,sleep a lot, read a good book, go out with my family and friends, eat candies...I hate matematic, get up early, onion in my hamburger...My dream is have successful in my career,be an important reporter,About english Actually i think that is very important to everybody, is very interesting know obout other language,culture...I really hope enjoy and learn a lot this semester.